Can e cigarette help you quit smoking? If some brands of e cigarette will claim this, FDA has to do studies and provide certification with it. On that studies, so far there are no large, or that big quality study looking at whether it is a fact or not, if this will actually cut down the use of smoking or even quit… Most of the studies have been usually short or the person in experiment was not properly assigned to different methods to quit and stop smoking including the e cigarettes. Most of the studies are based on self report of use of e cigarettes and cigarettes itself. Let’s say for example there is a study done in four countries found that e cigarette users were no more likely to stop like the regular smokers even if most of them are saying that they will use e cigarettes to quit smoking. Some people may believe that they are trying e cigarettes to quit smoking and hoping it could help them but after months of first interview, nearly all of them are still smoking regular cigarettes.

We all know that e cigarettes are battery operated and shaped exactly like cigarettes. It is shaped like that to give way to the nicotine. What is nicotine? Nicotine is a drug, typically a drug that can stimulate and relax its user. Nicotine drug is naturally found in tobacco plants. The most popular way of inhaling tobacco is through cigarettes. Like cigarettes, e or electronic cigarettes also give way to the nicotine drug to be inhaled, basically it works by heating the liquid cartridge that has nicotine, sometime you can also have flavors and added more chemicals and transform into a vapor. E cigarettes heat a liquid instead of tobacco, what released is considered no smoke but exactly will feel the nicotine for the vapor itself has it.

These electronic cigarettes have not been around long enough to know if they are harmful to some users in the long run. Sadly, many people which includes teenagers are thinking that these e cigarettes are safer or that they are thinking this will help them quit regular smoking but they are not. No they are not proven. Studies shown by FDA for e cigarettes that it has mastered copying the nicotine and mixture of chemicals found in tobacco and usually these companies are owned and operated by  big ones, so this means that they are marketed same as regular cigarettes.

I say, the more you still inhale and use cigarettes, regular or electronic one, the more you will be addicted with it. Some may say that it is hard to stop but hey, you are the master of your own body and you will decide whether to be mindful of what you are doing. I have a mom who smokes, smokes heavy, she got into a religious group that forces her to quit and she did right away, she looks much healthier now, she glows beautifully and even looked so young. I can testify.

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